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Prepper Solar - Wind - Water Solutions

Links to preparedness providers of solar, wind, water and alternative energy solutions for preppers, survivalists, and anyone wanting to be prepared.

AEE Solar Inc., Redway, CA (707) 923-2277

A leading wholesale distributor of solar panels, solar power systems, renewable energy systems, solar, PV, wind and hydro-electric power systems for off-grid and grid-tie applications. Download their Renewable Energy Design Guide and Catalog (over 200 full-color pages) for free.

AquaSafe Portable Personal Water Filters, Epping NSW, Australia ( 805) 426-5202

Our patented products are the ONLY lightweight personal water filters on the market that have been proven in laboratory tests to remove 99.9999% of all bacteria, protozoa and viruses in drinking water. Our chemical-free, purifier straw fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag and is a must-have item if you're travelling overseas, hiking /camping in the back country, or in any situation where ready access to safe drinking water is unavailable. They make great gifts for your prepper friends, too!

Backwoods Solar, Sandpoint, ID (208) 263-4290

Specializing in alternatively generated electricity for remote homes where utility lines are not available or practical.

Berkey Light Water Systems, Bellower, CA (877) 886-3653

We have been selling the Berkey Light water purification systems and Aquatank water storage bags for almost 4 years, we personally use the products, and have helped thousands of people get better prepared.

Berkey Water Filters, Bend, OR (541) 385-1817

Get the healthiest water possible. Berkey® Water Filters are the most powerful and economical personal water purification systems available providing clean purified water anywhere.

Build It Solar, Bozeman, MT (406) 556-0285

Contains detailed plans for renewable energy projects including solar space heating, water heating, passive solar home design, solar cooking, photovoltiacs, wind generators, and more.

DC Solar Supply, Valparaiso, IN (317) 258-8861

Offering you Total Independence through alternative energy solutions. Veteran owned and operated since 2007.

Drink Water for Life, Beaverton, OR (503) 641-1916

"Over time, contaminants in drinking water affect our health. Multi-Pure systems are certified by NSF International and the state of California to reduce one of the broadest range of contaminants of any certified filter. A very green, affordable alternative to bottled water, one Multi-Pure filter cartridge ($59.95) provides the equivalent of over 8,000 (12 oz) plastic water bottles. The solid carbon filter is made of coconut shell, a renewable resource. Replacement filters are reasonably priced at $59.95 (8˘ or less per gallon). Multi-Pure has the best warranty in the industry-—lifetime on the housing of stainless models and the plastic Aqua Dome, plus a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Multi-Pure filters produce sparkling clean water that tastes delicious, so you’ll drink more and be healthier!" --Deanna DeLong, Drink Water for Life™, Distributor ID# 140999

DTI Solar, Gum Spring, VA (804) 457-9566

A leading solar energy engineering and design firm providing self-reliant, environmentally conscious, high efficiency solar energy solutions for on and off-grid applications.

H2O Filters, Dunedin, FL (877) 760-3773

Five-star seller at offering top brands of gravity water filters for home use, emergency, camping and boating applications.

Kansas Wind Power, Holton, KS (785) 364-4407

In business since 1975 providing solar, wind and hydro electric independent power systems, energy saving products, water pumps, solar cookers, DC lights, gas refrigerators, composting toilets, shortwave radios and more for homes, cabins, farms, boats, RV's.

Ready Made Resources, Tellico Plains, TN (800) 627-3809

Plan. Prepare. Preserve. At Ready Made Resources, we can help you accomplish all three! Whether it’s setting up a complete grid-tie or non grid-tie solar system, getting back to the basics of homestead living, or preparing you for unexpected emergencies, we can help supply you and your family with the provisions for making that possible. We carry a complete line of affordable products--everything from hand powered grain mills, well pumps and water filters to long term food storage, camping supplies and cold weather gear.

Renewable Energy Resources | Solar & Wind Power, Yakima, WA

Learn about solar power. Great articles, calculators, resources and products to help make planning and financing solar and wind power easier.

Simple Solar Homesteading, Roosevelt, UT

Want to live off-grid and do it simply and inexpensively? Let LaMar Alexander, a long-time off-grid homesteader, teach you how. Take a look at the solar-powered cabin he built for under $5,000. Read his free online newspaper, Homesteader News

Solar Direct, Bradenton, FL (941) 360-9276

Providing online assistance and solutions for those interested in renewable energy systems and green building technologies for their homes.

Solar For Emergencies, Las Vegas, NV

Learn how to use solar energy for emergency preparedness, survival, disaster relief, disaster recovery and safer living.

Sunelco, Inc., Victor, MT (406) 642-6422

Sunelco is an old and trusted name in renewable and alternative energy system design and distribution. They carry solar panels, inverters, batteries, and charge controllers manufactured by leading companies such as Kyocera, Uni-Solar, Grundfos, Outback, Bergey, Morning Star, and many more.

Vegas Trailer Supply, Las Vegas, NV (702) 457-4265

Solar cookers, solar refrigerators, solar panels, batteries and canned food storage for RV's, cabins and emergency preparedness.

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